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What we do

DrivenData brings the transformative power of data science and AI to organizations tackling our world’s greatest challenges.

We find real world questions where data science can have positive social impact, then run online modeling competitions for data scientists to develop the best models to solve them.

To see what this looks like in action, read more or check out our competitions!


Our partners

Impact-driven organizations are tackling hard questions where harnessing data can make a huge difference. But they often struggle to access the tools and the talent.

With the ability to access more and more data, organizations are looking for opportunities where data science and AI can help them advance their missions and operate more effectively. If this sounds like your organization, reach out to us or read more about how we work with organizations.


Our members

Data science professionals, students, and researchers are constantly on the lookout for interesting, real-world projects.

We engage experienced and aspiring data scientists to solve pressing problems for mission-driven organizations. Competitors get experience with real-world problems and a proven track record of results.

If that sounds like you, check our our information for data scientists, or jump right in and join a competition.

Advancing Data for Good

DrivenData Labs

Competitions aren't right for every problem. For more flexible needs or sensitive data sources, we have our own team of experienced data scientists and engineers to take the case.

Learn more about some of our recent projects and working with our team.

Reproducible data science

Since starting this platform, we’ve seen a lot of data science in the wild. As the field develops, it’s becoming increasingly important to organize data science work so that it’s easy to understand, reproduce, and build upon. We’ve done a lot of thinking, writing, and speaking on this topic.

Check out our (pithy) ebook on the 10 rules of reliable data science or try out our popular open source project structure: cookiecutter data science.

Ethical data science

We take our responsibility as stewards of data seriously, and we want to help others do the same. That's why we created an easy-to-use ethics checklist that can be integrated into any data science project. deon provides concrete, actionable reminders to help data scientists tackle critical discussions around issues like privacy, bias, and downstream impacts.

Try out our open source command line tool or learn from one of our practitioner workshops.

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