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Learn more about exciting upcoming changes to DrivenData's data science competitions.

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apr 2023
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At DrivenData, our goal has always been to bring the capabilities of machine learning and data science to bear on solving important problems facing society. That is why we have been especially excited to follow the recent breakthroughs in generative machine learning and large language models. Artificial intelligence chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard can respond to prompts and questions with unprecedented relevance and accuracy. But we believe that this technology can be used for so much more than helping us to avoid writing emails or to imagine new crochet patterns. That is why DrivenData is introducing a new AI chatbot to evaluate submitted predictions for all of our competitions going forward.

Meet April.


April is a cutting-edge AI based on a long-recurrent memory transformer architecture. Our team has spent countless hours coaching April in training sessions to both hone her skills and align her with our values. She is named after the month of her debut—a moment in time that will undoubtedly be looked back upon as a step change in DrivenData's trajectory.

We believe that April will revolutionize machine learning competitions and supercharge your ability to tackle the world's most pressing challenges. She can provide you with real-time advice and guidance as you fine-tune your models. With April's help, we think that you are going to be able to achieve some amazing things.

If you're as excited about this news as we are, then you are probably raring to get started on collaborating with April. Good news! April is available today for you to preview her cutting-edge capabilities. You can find an interface below to start submitting predictions to April immediately. She is smart enough that she will be able to automatically parse any text input and determine which machine learning task that you are submitting predictions for. Give April a try below and get a taste of the limitless possibilities ahead for DrivenData competitions.

Submit your predictions to April:


To learn more about how April works, check out our deep dive blog post.