America's Next Top (Statistical) Model - 2020 Hosted By DrivenData




US presidential elections come but once every 4 years, and this one's a big one. The new president will help shape policies on the pandemic response, healthcare, the environment, the economy, and more. There are lots of people trying to predict what will happen. Can you top them?

In this challenge, you are asked to predict the fraction of each state that will vote for each major candidate. You can use any data that is freely available to the public. Come election night (or election week... or election month), we'll see who's model had the most accurate vision for the country!

Phase I: The Buildup

Through Election Day (November 3rd 12:00 PM UTC)

Assemble your data and build your model! Submit your final predictions by the start of Election Day. During this time you can test how well your models score against the past election.

Phase II: Election Day

November 3rd through finalized returns

Watch with bated breath as the results roll in. We'll update scores throughout the counting period to show the current leaders. When all votes are counted, we'll see whose projections came closest to what really happened.

Bonus: earn DrivenData swag!

The 5 competitors with the top scores may receive swag for an official DrivenData 2020 Zoom Uniform—DrivenData sweatpants, shirt, and beanie!