Pawsitive Predictive Value: Pets and Productivity

Understanding the pet–productivity connection for workers is critical to sustained long-term economic growth. Can you predict DrivenData team members' productivity based on their proximity to their pets?

advanced practice
apr 2022
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The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how the world's workforce operates. Understanding the pet–productivity connection for remote workers is critical to sustaining long-term economic growth in the new pandemic normal. In this competition, you will predict a DrivenData team member's productivity based on their proximity to their pet.

The challenge will use data collected by wearable technology measuring human–animal distance, as well as productivity data measuring lines of code written per minute. Developing quantitative measures of this relationship has dogged researchers in the past, and this dataset presents a unique opportunity to move beyond anecdotal evidence. This is an intermediate-level practice competition.

Competition End Date:

April 4, 2022, 11:59 p.m.

This competition is for learning and exploring, so the deadline may be extended in the future.

How to compete

  1. Click the "Compete!" button in the sidebar to enroll in the competition.
  2. Get familiar with the problem through the overview and problem description. You might also want to reference additional resources available on the about page.
  3. Download the data from the data tab.
  4. Create and train your own model.
  5. Use your model to generate predictions that match the submission format.
  6. Click “Submit” in the sidebar, and then “Make new submission”. You’re in!

Banner image: Titus, an enthusiastic participant in the productivity study, hard at work supporting his human partner. Tile image: Amigo, a DrivenData visitor, consulting on state-of-the-art entity resolution techniques.