Research Rovers: AI Research Assistants for NASA

Help NASA assess emerging capabilities for AI-based research assistants. #science

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oct 2023
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About the Sponsor

This challenge is part of NASA's Digital Transformation (DT) work in artificial intelligence and machine learning focused on practical applications, workforce development, tool availability, best practices, and connecting practitioners.

NASA Digital Transformation Initiative

The NASA Digital Transformation initiative is an agency-wide initiative established in late 2020 to leverage digital advances, transform the way NASA operates, enhance its workforce experience, and improve workplace agility. The DT team facilitates digital transformation across NASA's federated organizational model with the aim of accelerating progress and coordination. The mission is to embrace cutting-edge digital technologies such as AI, cloud computing, automation, and data analytics to ultimately enhance NASA's ability to discover, explore, innovate, and advance solutions for the benefit of humankind.

Learn more about digital transformation at NASA here.

NASA Langley Transformation Initiative

The NASA Langley Research Center develops and delivers innovative solutions and technologies in aeronautics, space technology and exploration, and science. The Langley Transformation Initiative was created in recognition of the need for intentional modernization efforts in response to the global pace of technology advancement and increased connectivity, including rapid changes in digital, computational, and artificial intelligence tools. Its mission is to enable the Center to continue to thrive as a modern federal research institution, while also increasing the impact of work products for the benefit of Earth’s inhabitants.

Learn more about digital transformation at NASA Langley here.