Power Laws: Cold Start Energy Forecasting Hosted By Schneider Electric



This is one of the challenges in the "Power Laws" series run by Schneider Electric. Each challenge explores a different aspect of energy efficiency and smart energy management in an era of environmental change. The winning algorithms from these competitions are released under an open source license in order to spread understanding about how energy modeling works and what approaches are most effective.

Power Laws: Cold Start Energy Forecasting

Building energy forecasting has gained momentum with the increase of building energy efficiency research and solution development. Indeed, forecasting the global energy consumption of a building can play a pivotal role in the operations of the building. It provides an initial check for facility managers and building automation systems to mark any discrepancy between expected and actual energy use. Accurate energy consumption forecasts are also used by facility managers, utility companies and building commissioning projects to implement energy-saving policies and optimize the operations of chillers, boilers and energy storage systems.

Usually, forecasting algorithms use historical information to compute their forecast. Most of the time, the bigger the historic dataset, the more accurate the forecast. This requirement presents a big challenge: how can we make accurate predictions for new buildings, which don't have a long consumption history?

The goal of this challenge is to build an algorithm which provides an accurate forecast from the very start of a building's instrumentation.

Competition End Date:

Oct. 31, 2018, 11:59 p.m. UTC

Place Prize Amount
1st €12,000
2nd €7,000
3rd €4,000

Note: Prizes delivered by DrivenData in USD, based on an exchange rate of 1.16 USD / EUR.

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