Sustainable Industry: Rinse Over Run

Help make industrial cleaning processes more efficient! The goal of this competition is to predict measures of cleanliness during final rinse in order to help minimize the use of water, energy and time, all while ensuring high cleaning standards. #energy

€20,000 in prizes
mar 2019
1,213 joined

Stage 2: Modeling Report Competition

In addition to getting the best possible predictions on turbidity, Schneider Electric was interested in getting a deeper understanding of the quantitative patterns that drive the performance of top algorithms.

Following the close of the prediction competition (Stage 1), the top 15 finalists had the opportunity to submit brief reports that analyze quantitative patterns in the data and help illuminate which signals at which moments are mainly responsible for the presence of turbidity during the final rinse. All reports were reviewed by a panel of expert judges to select the 3 final winners!

The Results!

Place Team Prize Amount Report
1st Contiamo €8,000 View on GitHub
2nd arindam43 €3,000 View on GitHub
3rd riccardonizzolo €1,500 View on GitHub

Thanks to all the participating finalists and congratulations to the Stage 2 winners!

For more information about Stage 2 reports and evaluation see the Problem Description.