Hakuna Ma-data: Identify Wildlife on the Serengeti with AI for Earth

Can you predict which animals are present in camera trap images? Leverage millions of images of animals on the Serengeti to build a classifier that distinguishes between gazelles, lions, and more! #climate

$20,000 in prizes
jan 2020
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Good news! The project team from this competition has made the data for this competition, including the final Season 11 test set, available on the Labeled Information Library of Alexandria: Biology and Conservation (LILA BC) for ongoing use, practice and learning. This data is maintained by the project team and released at their discretion.

Dataset: Snapshot Serengeti

Please note that we won't be able to field questions about the data, but we wanted to share it here for the benefit of the community. If you have a question, feel free to post it to the forum.