TissueNet: Detect Lesions in Cervical Biopsies

The objective of this challenge is to detect the most severe epithelial lesions of the uterine cervix. The challenge brings together thousands of microscopic slides from different medical centers across France. #health

€25,000 in prizes
oct 2020
539 joined

Sample of a cervical biopsy

About the project

This challenge began in 2019 when the French Society of Pathology (SFP) and the Health Data Hub (HDH) decided to build a challenge using a data bank of whole slide images (WSIs). Nineteen public and private pathology departments across France contributed more than 5,000 WSIs as data for the challenge. These slides are often difficult for pathologists themselves to diagnose, and expert eyes may be required. All labeled images included in the challenge were reviewed twice by expert pathologists.

The results from the challenge will be announced at the Carrefour Pathologie national congress at the beginning of November 2020. The challenge organizers plan to make the dataset of WSIs available online after the event to allow for further learning and algorithmic improvements.

About the organizers

The French Society of Pathology (SFP) promotes research and teaching in Pathology in France and organizes the annual Carrefour Pathologie meeting in Paris.

A key component of French President Macron’s AI strategy, the Health Data Hub (HDH) is a public one-stop health data access point and technological platform for public interest research conducted by academic and industrial research teams. Officially created in December 2019, the HDH seeks to provide simple, unified, transparent and secure access to health data in compliance with regulations and citizens' rights. The HDH provides infrastructure, a database catalogue and related services. These services include providing access to health data, supporting data collection, and facilitating data consolidation and use.

The primary sponsor of the challenge is Grand Défi: Artificial Intelligence for Diagnosis, a program launched by the French Innovation Council.

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