Wind-dependent Variables: Predict Wind Speeds of Tropical Storms

Throughout a tropical cyclone, humanitarian response efforts hinge on accurate storm intensity estimates. Using satellite images assembled by Radiant Earth Foundation and the NASA IMPACT team, can you estimate the wind speeds of storms at different times? #disasters

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About the convener

This competition is convened by Radiant Earth Foundation, a nonprofit organization which applies machine learning for Earth observation to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. The Foundation supports missions worldwide by developing openly licensed machine learning libraries, training data sets, and models through its open-access Radiant MLHub. The training data for this competition was prepared in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) IMPACT team. In the Foundation’s own words:

There are a number of existing techniques and approaches that diagnose tropical cyclone wind speed using satellite data at a given time with varying success… An accurate and timely diagnostic model for tropical cyclone intensity can save lives and property. Deployment of a machine learning model to predict wind speed is a nontrivial task and may require several iterations with updated model configurations.

We look forward to evaluating your entries. Your insights could have a meaningful impact on disaster readiness and response efforts around the world!

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