Naive Bees Classifier

Can you identify a bee as a honey bee or a bumble bee? Practice image processing and classification techniques and help researchers seeking to protect pollinators from collapse. #science

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dec 2015
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About BeeSpotter

bee spotter

The data for this competition comes from BeeSpotter, an online repository of volunteer submitted images of bees in Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri. If you care about bees (and you should!) there are lots of exciting things happening like BeeBlitz and National Pollinator Week.

In their own words:

BeeSpotter is a partnership between citizen-scientists and the professional science community designed to educate the public about pollinators by engaging them in a data collection effort of importance to the nation. It is a web-based portal at the University of Illinois for learning about honey bees and bumble bees and for contributing data to a nationwide effort to collect baseline information on population status of these insects

Colony Collapse Disorder

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