Keeping it Fresh: Predict Restaurant Inspections

Flag public health risks at restaurants by combining Yelp reviews with open city data on past inspections. An algorithmic approach discovers more violations with the same number of inspections. #civic

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The City of Boston

Boston is a leader in open government. Their open data strategy is focused on four pillars.


We are combating the perception that government business happens behind closed doors by using technology to make key government records available to the public.


Using our website as a platform for open government and investing in new engagement channels, we help residents play an active role in strengthening their neighborhoods.


Working to deepen and expand collaborations, with the goals of evaluating existing policies and programs, and helping to craft innovative, effective new initiatives to achieve policy goals.

Service Delivery

Focusing on making services easily available to constituents, reducing the time from when a request is made and work completed, and reducing the cost of managing requests.

In the words of Bostonians

If you're not familiar with Boston, we'll let the people speak for themselves. Here are some quotes from Yelp reviews for the City of Boston:

What can I say Boston! I only spent 10 hours here, but you captured my heart!
A great city to visit for east coasters or anyone traveling through. A great walk-able city with lots of parks, good restaurants/bars and a variety of historical sites as well as districts to explore. From the Boston Harbor to the hills and cobblestones of the charming Beacon Hill, there's a variety of things to do/see.
By far, the greatest city in the United States! The best in arts and sports, more historical locations per square inch than ANYWHERE else in North America, and a very humble citizenry.
So I came to Boston on a whim with my daughter as neither of us had ever been here before. It was one of the best trips of my life.
So come to Boston and absorb the culture, the history, the people, the food, and enjoy taking us at face value. We will welcome people of all kinds, perhaps not always with big warm hugs but we'll make sure you have the best damned time of your life.
My city, our city, great city!