Open Cities AI Challenge: Segmenting Buildings for Disaster Resilience

Can you map building footprints from drone imagery? This semantic segmentation challenge leverages computer vision and data from OpenStreetMap to support disaster risk management efforts in cities across Africa. #disasters

$15,000 in prizes
mar 2020
1,099 joined

Open data

Good news! The project team from this competition has made the challenge data available for ongoing use, practice and learning. This data will be maintained by the project team and released at their discretion.

For additional information about the data, see the Problem Description page.

Access the data

Open Cities AI Challenge Dataset

About Radiant MLHub

This dataset is hosted on Radiant MLHub, an open repository for geospatial machine learning training data. Radiant MLHub hosts open training datasets generated by Radiant Earth Foundation's team as well as other training data catalogs contributed by Radiant Earth’s partners. All the data are hosted in a cloud-friendly format, and the API allows for easy discovery and download. Radiant MLHub is open to anyone to access existing training data and/or share their training data for broader impact.

The Radiant MLHub API is a STAC compliant API that serves metadata about label items and source imagery and links to download these items. To learn more about Radiant MLHub API, check out this blogpost on Accessing and Downloading Training Data on the Radiant MLHub API.

To access the Radiant MLHub API, you must be authenticated with an API key. Requests made to the API must contain a query parameter where the key is “key” and the value is your API key. For example, a request made to the /collections endpoint would look similar to this:

You can obtain an API key by creating a free account on Radiant Earth Foundation's dashboard and navigating to the “API Keys” tab.

Please note that we won't be able to field questions about the data, but we wanted to share it here for the benefit of the community. If you have a question, feel free to post it to the forum.